3 hot tips on how to attract the right type of customer to your business

3 hot tips on how to attract the right type of customer to your business

It’s common knowledge that as business owners we all require a steady stream of new customers to ensure that our businesses thrive. However, I am sure that you have experienced the displeasure of having interest from prospects that are not really the types of people that you are looking to work with. To help reduce this problem I am offering 3 tips on how you can attract the right type of customer to your business;

1. Identity your ideal customer

Take some time to build up a picture of your ideal customer. Think carefully about their characteristics, personality and social background. The more definitive you can be the more affective this will prove. Where will this person socialise? What activities would they be likely to do? How will they look (i.e. Smart/casual)? How old will they be? What house will they live in? What car will they drive? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself in order to help you understand the type of person that you are looking to work with.

2. Tailor your brand identity

Once you understand the type of customer that you are looking to attract, you can focus on developing a brand identity that will appeal to this type of person. Firstly, look at your company logo design. This is the first image that your prospects will see and can make or break an opportunity to do business. Your logo design must be tailored in the correct manor to ensure that it will attract the right type of customer. Think carefully about the fonts, colour and images that you use. A combination of these can either create an iconic and successful brand identity or a disastrous fail. Each of these factors can implement a specific meaning and message and paying careful consideration to these will ensure future success. Using the colours of your favourite football team or a fancy font that you have found on the internet may appeal to yourself. However, this may be a complete turn off for your target customer.

3. Communicate with your ideal customer

Now that your brand identity is complete, it is now time to communicate with your target customers and attract them to your business. Networking events are an ideal way to meet new potential customers and showcase your brand identity. Think about how you can stand out from the many other business men and women within the room. Your brand identity doesn’t just end with your company logo design as you are also the face of your brand. Think about the clothes that you a wearing and what impression they will make. Implement some of the colours from your brand within your clothing as this will help to express your brand identity. Also think about how you communicate with the people that you meet and how you would like to be remembered.

Your online status is equally important and your brand identity must be applied in a consistent manor. Your company website should be in keeping with your brand along with your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

By following these 3 steps, you will dramatically increase your chances of attracting the right type of customer and successfully grow your business by working with the people that you deserve.

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