3 Key Tips for Creating a Successful Logo Design

3 Key Tips for Creating a Successful Logo Design


In order to develop a successful logo design concept, a variety of research should be undertaken. The missions and values of the company, its products/services, target market and also close competitors should be studied. Initial concept ideas can then be recorded via mind-mapping or brainstorming. A successful logo design concept will be eye-catching, memorable and will evoke a reaction from the viewer.


A company logo should appeal to the intended target market. This can be achieved by the use of colour, type/font and image. A successful company logo must send out the right message and express the values of a business. Consideration of colour is highly important to ensure that the logo does not offend or evoke negative reaction from the target market. Typeface/font styles must also be carefully considered. Serif, sans serif, script and handwritten style fonts all express a different message and will appeal to a very different target market.


A successful company logo can be easily applied to a range of print and web media. Its scalability should allow it to be clearly viewed on something as small as a promotional pen, and in contrast something as large as a billboard. A company logo should have the ability to be easily reproduced in both colour and black and white without losing detail.


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