As competition increases and consumers pay closer attention to what they spend, it is becoming more and more important to stand out within your market to ensure that your business succeeds. Your company logo design plays a vital part in defining your business amongst the masses of completion that are out there. An effective logo design will become a memory hook for your business and ensure that your customers think of you when they are next ready to spend.

It’s common knowledge that as business owners we all require a steady stream of new customers to ensure that our businesses thrive. However, I am sure that you have experienced the displeasure of having interest from prospects that are not really the types of people that you are looking to work with. To help reduce this problem I am offering 3 tips on how you can attract the right type of customer to your business;

I am pleased to announce the opening of Stanley’s Fish and Chips in Halifax. I began working with business partners Gareth Carney and Michael Hustler a few months back after they approached me to create their logo design and brand identity. They were keen for their new fish and chip shop to have a modern and fresh feel yet without losing their traditional values.  I worked with them to develop a range of concepts in accordance to the design brief. I developed a graphic style including colours and typefaces that would then be applied to marketing materials such as flyers and loyalty cards.

As a small or start-up business owner you are no doubt at a stage where your business is ticking over well. However, this is now the time to think about moving your business forward and attracting more of your target market.

Concept In order to develop a successful logo design concept, a variety of research should be undertaken. The missions and values of the company, its products/services, target market and also close competitors should be studied. Initial concept ideas can then be recorded via mind-mapping or brainstorming. A successful logo design concept will be eye-catching, memorable and will evoke a reaction from the viewer.

If you have already got a Facebook profile and/or a company page, this promotion is ideal for you. Facebook is becoming increasingly more powerful in attracting new prospects to businesses and providing a platform to showcase their products or services.