Do I need a logo design or brand?

Do I need a logo design or brand?

A common question that is asked is what is the difference between a logo design and a brand. Many business owners believe that their company logo is actually their brand and are unable to differentiate between the two. To help with this misunderstanding we have decided to provide an brief explanation of the two and help you to understand the difference and how they can both be used to help create a successful business.

Logo Design

We all understand that a logo is needed to represent our business and reflect the services or products that are provided. Our logo provides our business with an individual image that can be easily recognisable and define us from our competitors. A logo acts as a memory hook and should evoke emotion from the viewer and help communicate a specific message.


Your brand is everything that your company provides for your customers. It is how your business is perceived within your market and the experience they receive when they come in contact with your products or services. Company values, vision, tone of voice and quality of service are all part of the brand and are the reason why your customers choose you over your competitors.

A successful business should have both a quality logo design and brand identity. Your logo is a tool that communicates your brand and represents everything that your company strives to be. A well designed logo alone will not generate more business. You should ensure maximum consistency with your brand wherever it is exposed within your market including colours, fonts, graphic style, tone of voice, and photographic usage. Combining this with provided a quality product or service will ensure maximum success.

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