Drive Your Business Forward

As a small business owner you are no doubt at a stage where your business is ticking over well. However, this is now the time to think about moving your business forward and attracting more of your target market.


Your business image is key to this progression and it is highly important that your business is portraying the right message to your customers. You may or may not already have a unique logo design that successfully represents your business. However, as this is the most important part of your image it is vital that your logo design is correct for the type of business that you have. I can offer expert advice on how your logo design can work for your business.


“I had ideas which with little explaining, Paul took on board and created me flyers, which surpassed what I was wanting to achieve. I then went on to have business cards made in the same style and even got him to tweak my logo. I am very happy with not only the design but the attention to detail. Paul really cared to make sure we got the right end result to fit the campaigns required. A professional and value added service!”

Kali Harmen . Personal Trainer


It is important that your business image is consistent throughout your marketing and promotional materials. Your logo design should be applied in a consistent manor using specific colours and typefaces. This in turn will start to build the brand of your company and will gain trust from your existing and prospect customers.

In order to entice new customers to your products or services you may have already sent out flyers or leaflets within your area. The result of this may not have been as effective as you would have hoped. When communicating with your target market it is important that you approach them in the correct manor. We all receive numerous leaflets and flyers on our door step and are guilty of throwing them directly into the bin without paying any attention as to what they are about. Well this is generally because we are receiving something that doesn’t influence us in any way. However, this does not have to be the case with your promotional material. It is important that you think outside the box when creating a flyer or leaflet design in order to attract the attention of the receiver. Something as simple as changing the shape and feel of the leaflet or flyer will break the norm. I can offer expert advice on how to successfully attract new customers with effective promotional design.

We now live in a society where having a Facebook and Twitter account is essential. Social media is an effective platform that can be used to reach new customers and also keep a relationship with your existing customers. Social media is also an effective way to drive prospects to your website. A successful website design will then provide these prospects with useful information about your products or services and most importantly entice them to contact you. I can offer expert advice on how to build a successful online presence that will bring in more business.


“Paul has redesigned our website, he was very meticulous and succeeded my expectations. We have had lots more booking due to the design of our website and customers have commented that they have chosen us purely for the fact we have a great website. We would highly recommend Paul,s services.”

Joanne Brydon . Moor-view Kennels



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