Effective logo design

Effective logo design

As competition increases and consumers pay closer attention to what they spend, it is becoming more and more important to stand out within your market to ensure that your business succeeds. Your company logo design plays a vital part in defining your business amongst the masses of completion that are out there. An effective logo design will become a memory hook for your business and ensure that your customers think of you when they are next ready to spend.

You can be forgiven for thinking that your logo design is simply just a name for your business that can be placed on your marketing materials and that it doesn’t really effect how your business works. This is in fact far from the truth and is clearly evident when we look at some of the large brands that we all buy into on a daily basis. We instantly make a decision on which bottled drink or brand of coffee to purchase simply by the brand that has gained our trust. A logo design is a key part of your overall business brand and is a representation of this when you are not there.

If your company logo design is such an important aspect of your business why would you jeopardise its success by opting for a low quality, poorly designed logo that has no real representation of your business. There are many websites out there that are offering logo design for as little as $35 – $50, which may seem highly appealing. However, before making the decision to go for one of these poor quality logos, take some time to think about where you would like your business to be positioned within your market. If you are looking to attract high value customers who build their business and reputation on quality, you are already putting up a barrier by presenting them with something that looks cheap and unreliable.

When creating an effective logo design the process takes time with a great deal of thought as to how and why the intended target market will react towards it. It is a process that is carried out by an experienced logo designer who understands how to reflect a specific message with accurate use of colour, type and imagery. This is not something that can be simply knocked together within an hour or so.

To summarise, your logo design should be an iconic and memorable mark that tells the story of your business and most importantly appeals to your intended target market. It should entice prospects and existing customers and fulfil them with confidence and trust.

I will look forward to hearing your experiences of logo design for your business so please leave a comment below.

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