How to effectively use your logo design Leeds

You now have your new logo design Leeds and you are proud of your image. However, this doesn’t mean that you stop here. Think of the many places that your logo design can be applied in order to spread the word. Think about expanding your logo design and applying it to a feature wall of your office. This will look great when new prospects come for a meeting and will ensure that they remember your business. How about applying your logo design to your mouse mats or have some branded pens on each desk.

Ensure that you add your new logo design to your company Facebook and Twitter profiles along with your website design. Think about other mediums to showcase your logo design such as your email signature, a promotional brochure or leaflet, work wear and company vehicles.

By showcasing your new logo design in as many avenues as possible, you will start to spread your brand identity and stand out within your market.

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