Logo Colours

Choosing your logo colours is something that must be taken seriously in order to ensure that your logo design portrays the correct message to your target customers. There are many colours that are continually used within specific market sectors due to the message that they portray. Taking colour meanings into consideration is a highly important and I can offer my professional advice to ensure that you make the correct colour decisions.

Colour can make or break the success of your logo design. The below list shows how colours portray certain meanings and can evoke specific feelings

  • Red –  Passion, aggressive,  strength
  • Orange – Fun, creativity, energy
  • Yellow – Positivity
  • Green –  Tranquillity, nature, health
  • Blue – Authority, security
  • Purple – Sophistication, royalty
  • White – Purity, truthful
  • Black –  Serious, bold , stylish

Now that you have become more familiar with what certain colours mean, choosing colours that complement one another is also highly important.  You may feel that you want to speak with me to find out more about choosing the correct colour palette for your logo.

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