Preparing for your logo design Leeds

As a small or start-up business owner you may be in the midst of developing the image of your business and looking to create a successful logo design Leeds. However, in order to achieve this you should ensure that you think about a number of key factors.

Target Market

Take time to think about your target market to ensure that your logo design will relate to these people. A great way to do this is to build up a picture of your ideal customer. Think about their social status, activities, trends and styles and focus your logo design around these findings.


Consider the types of imagery and font styles that you think your target market would relate to. If you are targeting a more traditional customer, a serif style font (e.g Times New Roman) may be well suited. However, if you are attracting a much younger, artistic customer, a more creative less formal typeface may prove much more effective.

Colour Palette

The colours used within your logo design must be given much thought. Every colour represents a different meaning and can evoke certain emotions. Using the wrong colour within your logo design could actually damage your image and put off new prospects. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, make a list of key words or phrases that represent your business and select specific colours to suite.

Future Plans

To ensure that your logo design does not become unsuitable for your business over time, think carefully about where you see your business positioned within 5 and 10 years down the line. This will guarantee that your logo design continues to appeal to your target market as your business evolves.

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