Business Card Information

The primary purpose of a business card is to tell prospective customers what your business provides and offer them a way of contacting you. It is therefore extremely important that you include the correct information. The following advice is offered to ensure that your business card will work successfully.

Recommended business card information

  • Business name
  • Individual’s name
  • Individual’s job title
  • Individual’s personal contact details e.g. mobile, email
  • Business contact details e.g. website address, generic email and street address
  • Key statement to identify what your business provides

The individual’s name or business name should always be the most prominent text on your business card. It is common practice to place this business card information in a larger and bolder font in the centre or upper half of the business card.

Your business card contact information should usually be placed within the lower half of the business card layout. It is recommended that the most important contact details should be placed in a larger and bolder font thus making them stand out from the rest of your business card information.

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