Business Card Layout

It is vital that your business card layout is professional and well designed in order to effectively attract prospective customers. The traditional dimensions of a business card are 85mm x 55mm and are generally landscape; however portrait layouts are becoming increasingly popular.


Text Size

Consideration of text size is very important as text that is too small may be unreadable. It is a general rule of thumb that you do not use text size smaller than 6pt (5pt if set in capitals) within your business card layout.



Text font should also be considered carefully in order to ensure that your business card information is presented clearly and effectively. It is advised that you use fonts that have been suggested within your brand identity to ensure design consistency.



Always ensure that your logo is presented in its correct form within your business card layout. Brand colours and fonts should be considered and can be identified within your brand guidelines. Generally your logo should be placed on the upper half of your business card layout and should be visible on both the front and back of the card.


Contact Details

It is recommended that the reverse side of your business card should include the most important contact information, including details such as the individual’s name, job description, email and mobile. This is the side that will be seen within a business card holder and should be distinctive and eye catching to ensure that it will stand out among other competitor’s business cards.

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