Start-Up Business Logo Design & Micro Branding

Be Different…


As a small business ourselves we understand the difficulties in which start-up businesses face within the early development stages. Funds are tight and every penny counts so it’s important to make the right decisions from the start.

The brand of a business is something that should begin from the start and should be looked at in great detail. How you appear to your market within the early stages of your business will play a great part for your success in the future.




Before going ahead with any design it’s important to take some time to think about how your business will communicate with the target audience. Think carefully about who the ideal customer will be. Where do they live? What social background do they come from? What car do they drive? By describing your ideal customer in this way you can successfully tailor your logo design and other marketing materials to appeal to this type of person.



Our experience of working with many small and start-up businesses ensures that we can create a brand identity that will push all the right buttons. We don’t just make things look great. We create designs that work for the business and will attract valued and profitable customers.




By working with us you can be assured that you will achieve your goals. We have a 100% success rate will all the business that we have worked with. Many of these businesses are still valued clients and continue to grow.

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We can offer expert advice on moving your business forward and creating a powerful brand identity that will be a success.


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