The Benefits of Direct Mail Design

The Benefits of Direct Mail Design

Direct mail design is a great way to reach new prospects and also communicate with existing customers.  With an effective direct mail design you can successfully communicate with a selected market and build awareness around your brand.

Unlike mass marketing such as TV or radio, direct mail marketing allows you to tailor the message to an individual. With new digital print technology design elements such as colour, imagery and text can be easily tweaked on each individual direct mail design.

By sending out your direct mail design to a unique individual you are banishing the competition which would be present with a magazine or online advertisement. Think of how effective it would be to send an individual a unique direct mail design with their own name on it. This is a great personal touch that will give them a sense of importance.

Direct mail marketing is one of the easiest ways to measure response. By placing a unique code, website address or phone number onto the direct mail design, responses can be accurately monitored. You could even go as far as split testing specific markets by providing a number of different website addresses.

The physical aspect of a direct mail design is also a great advantage over other marketing mediums, as it allows access to all five senses (sight, touch, smell, sound and taste). This offers flexibility for creativity and allows you to interact with your audience in a unique way.

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