The importance of brand identity for small businesses

The importance of brand identity for small businesses

I’m sure you look at some of the big brands such as McDonalds and Coca Cola and see how they communicate with their target market and how their customers seem to form an emotional attachment with their brand. However, you ask yourself “How important is brand identity for a small business like mine?”

By creating a brand identity for your small business, you are sending out a professional and trustworthy message to your customers. Your existing and prospect customers will recognise your brand identity and will feel assured of the services that you provide.

Your brand identity will act as a memory hook and will prove vital in attracting new customers over your competitors. This may be a specific colour, icon or typeface or even a creative and unique business name. Your logo design is a key part of your brand identity and should be placed where ever possible to ensure that it is recognised by your target market.

Within every competitive market it is essential that your business can stand out from your close competitors. You may feel that your products or services are of higher quality. However, if your competitors are communicating with your target market in the right way and have a strong brand identity, you may struggle to attract new customers.

With the right brand identity you can ensure the future success of your small business.

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