Why should you hire a professional logo design company?

Why should you hire a professional logo design company?

It’s a topic we often see on social media that seems to create a lot of debate, so I thought I would provide my own opinion on this. I see many people looking for recommendations of where to get a ‘cheap’ logo design or even how to create their own logo design. Firstly, I would just like to take a step back and think about why we actually use a logo to represent our company. Logo’s have been used throughout history to represent all types of companies, products and organisations and some of the first recognisable logos can be traced back to the 1300’s; one famous example been the Stella Artois Logo. These recognisable brands that we see today may have changed and evolved over many years to become what they are now. However, their brand identity can often be traced back with much more subtle changes. The reason for this is the power of brand awareness and the importance of keeping an identity that they have tirelessly built over many years.


First Impressions

Think about when you first meet someone and you are keen to make a good first impression. Research tells us that we only have 7 seconds to do this (business insider). Well, your logo is actually working in this same way and in-fact has an even harder task as this is often seen when you are not there. No matter how great your product or service is, people will make an instant opinion based solely on how it looks before they try it. Every one of us do this when eating out. Make the wrong first impression and you will not have the chance to demonstrate the quality of your product or service no matter how great it is.


Your logo is for your customers not for you

One of the most common mistakes that we see is business owners looking to create a logo that appeals to them and not to their customers. If your logo doesn’t appeal to your target customer you will get the success that you are expecting. The colour palette, typography and iconography should all be carefully selected and created to appeal directly to your ideal customer so that they are drawn towards your product or service over your competitors. A professional logo designer can ensure that your new logo does exactly this.



Having a clear understanding of how to target a specific market and send out a specific message is essential to ensure that a logo design is successful in increasing brand awareness and inevitably ensuring a steady stream of sales. This is a skill that can only be gained over time and as a result of working within a wide range of markets and seeing the results first hand. Whilst you or someone you know may have the tools to create a new logo design, it does not mean that the end result will actually work.


Format and usage

When working with a professional logo design company you will be provided with guidance on how to successfully use your new logo design to ensure brand consistency across all types of media and formats. Understanding how your logo should and should not be used is fundamental in ensuring that your new identity becomes a success.


So when you are looking to start your next logo design project, please just take some time to think about the above and by appointment the right company you will ensure that your new logo takes your business to the next level and makes the right impact within your market.


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